7800 IN 1 Game List

What is 7800 IN 1 Game List inside this super multi games cartridge? It has worldwide players collected DS, GBA, GBC, GB, SNES, FC, SG-1000, PCE, MD, ATARI 2600, ATARI 5200, ATARI 7800, Coleco, Wonder Swan, Wonder Swan Color, Nintellivision, GameGear, Master System Mark III, Master System, SNK Neogeo Pocket, SNK Neogeo Pocket Color, Pokemon Mini, Genesis Hack, Mega Hacks.

Yes, you can play all these games pre-loaded inside this cartridge on your Nintendo NEW 3DS XL / LL, NEW 2DS XL / LL, NEW 3DS, NEW 2DS, 3DS XL / LL, 2DS, DSi XL / LL, DSi, DS Lite and Original DS. No firmware or system limit to all these hand-held consoles. No need other setup as their kernel/emulators have been installed in advance.

Amazing right ? And buy this 7800 in 1 cartridge at only 30AUD/Unit

What 7800 IN 1 Game List Are

Click and download 7800 IN 1 Games List to check what games / ROMs are included.

Mario DS (64 Hacked ROMs)
Pokemon (102 DS ROMs in Chinese)
Pokemon (57 DS ROMs US/EU)
Pokemon (45 Hacked DS ROMs)
Castlevania (21 DS ROMs in Chinese)
Castlevania (33 Haced DS ROMs)
DS Homemade Games (204 ROMs)
Other DS Games (43 ROMs)
GBA Games (50 + 61 Hacked ROMs)
GBA Roms (64 ROMs)
GBA Roms (67 Most Played)
GB Games (26 Hacked ROMs)
GB Games (861 ROMs)
GB ROMs-SGB (145 ROMs)
SNES Roms (168)
FC Hacked (195 ROMs)
FC Hacked (582 ROMs)
FC Mario Hack (391 ROMs)
FC Roms (800 in Chinese)
SG-1000 (78 Roms)
GBC Hacked (31 Roms)
GBC Roms (535)
PCE Roms (339)
MD Roms (357 Hacked)
MD Roms (294)
Atari 5200 Roms (100)
Atari 7800 Roms (89)
Coleco Roms (190)
Wonder Swan Roms (94)
Wonder Swan Color Roms (26)
Nintellivision Roms (349)
Atari 2600 Roms (648)
GameGear Hack (4)
GameGear Roms (333)
Master System MarkIII (52)
Master System Roms (373)
SNK Neogeo Pocket Roms (59)
SNK Neogeo Pocket Color (82)
Pokemon Mini (43)
Genesis Hack (263)
Mega Hacks (12)

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