This R4 DS Setup is for setting up R4 DS card made from, you can find and download both outdated official kernel V1.18 and latest Wood R4 kernel there.

Kernel V1.18 has never been updated ever since Apr 24th, 2008, and it does not support most new ds games. Here will guide you to set up Wood R4 kernel below.

Set Up R4 DS

Download latest Wood R4 kernel into your computer, decompress and extract this Wood R4 v1.6x.rar file with tool WinRar, get __rpg_DS_MENU.DATchangelog.txtreadme.txt shown as below. Copy and save _rpg_DS_MENU.DAT into the root directory of your memory card. Now, you can plug and play the saved DS games on your memory card.

How to use Wood kernel on R4 DS ? You can refer to Wood r4 introduction or contact us for any questions about using R4 DS.

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