This R4 SDHC setup is for r4 card made from WWW.R4I-SDHC.COM, the R4 adapter supporting DS Lite and DS Original only.

R4I-SDHC.COM updates its official kernel every month for this R4 SDHC card. In addition, there are non-official kernel patches for this R4 Adapter issued by RetroGameFan.

R4 SDHC Setup with Official Kernel

Download latest corresponding official kernel R4 V1.8xb to your computer, decompress and extract this zip file with tool WinRar, find and get R4iMenu, moonshl2, moonmemo, R4.dat as shown below. Copy and paste these four items into the root directory of your memory card. Now, you can plug and play the saved DS games.

Setup with YSMenu Patch

Why to recommend additional YSMenu kernel here since users can enjoy games/music/movies with official one. R4I-SDHC.COM will usually update kernel in later time. Namely, you can play more new DS games if non-official kernel available for your option.

Download xxx.7z compressed file and extract to your computer, find a folder named R4i-SDHC YSMenu and a file usrcheat.dat, open the folder and copy TTMenu folder, R4.dat, TTMenu.dat, YSMenu.nds, save these 4 items into the root directory of your memory card, at the same time, copy that usrcheat.dat and paste it into that TTMenu folder on your memory card, now non-official YSMenu kernel is installed.

If you have any questions about using R4 SDHC card, email us at Contact us page.

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