208 IN 1 DS Cheats

208 in 1 ds games user cheat data updated
DeadSkullzJr’s DS Cheat Data

208 IN 1 DS Cheats data for DS games pre-loaded inside 208 IN 1 DS Cartridge is still updated & maintained by DeadSkullzJr. You could enjoy DS gaming cheats for Pokemon, Mario Karts, Ben 10 and more…

What DS Cheats Available

This cheats are sourced from DeadSkullzJr’s cheat database, available and compatible with DS games pre-loaded inside 208 IN 1 DS cartridge. R4-DS-AU.COM has this usrcheat.dat updated into its cartridge kernel and tested before shipping to you.

Once you received this 208 IN 1 DS cartridge, you could plug in and play those DS games directly and enjoy their latest cheat functions at the same time. And they are

DS Cheats for Pokemon, Mario Kart, Ben 10, Professor Layton, Final Fantasy and so on, including almost all DS games pre-flashed inside 208 IN 1 DS cartridge below.

Pokémon: Black Version 2 (US)
Pokémon: White Version 2 (U)
Pokemon White (US)
Pokemon Black (US)
Pokemon Platinum (US)
Pokemon HeartGold Version (US)
Pokemon SoulSilver Version (US)
Pokemon – Diamond (US)
Pokemon – Pearl (US)
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (US)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeron: Explorers of Sky (ML)
Pokémon Conquest (US)
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (ML)
Pokemon Ranger (ML)
Pokemon Link (ML)
New Super Mario Brothers (ML)
Mario Kart DS (ML)
Super Mario 64 DS (ML)

Check detailed game list.

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